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Carlos Notched Estrada

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I understood the environment where I was, and began to enjoy the diving since then. Fear to suffocate: one is a very common reason for the majority of people. Some of them are not strong swimmers and the idea to enter deep waters is in fact one phobia. ” I never had gone deeper than my cincture” – one of them I mention.You do not have to be a good swimmer to dive. Instructors of diving also can put his on approval capacity to swim with tuba like second option. The good part on the diving is that there is to prove the first equipment in a swimming pool, where will be able to see if with the equipment can breathe with facility under the water. After, or during the diving courses, you will learn all the safety rules and exercises that have been implemented to make diving more surely.

Fear to the sharks: Somebody wrote once: ” The form simplest to avoid encounter with shark is simply not to enter its habitat. I never have seen one in earth firm”. – Very certain, but I have more than 500 immersions registered in my notebooks of diving, before I got tired to write them, and I only saw once a shark airplane. Also memory to a friend spoke who me of this cave that lodged to four or more sharks. We decide to dive and to verify it, but once being in the cave, this, she was empty.

It is necessary to remember that all the sharks are not aggressive and the majority of the attacks happens when the sharks, a peculiar creature who uses their bite to find out if you are in his menu, confuses to us with their food. Conclusion: for our conclusion on ” fear to buckle” we are going to use what one of our visitors, Carlos Notched Estrada, mentioned once: ” The diving, an activity feared for some, but those that dare do not leave of disputatious”.


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