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As RICHNESS (1998) says: A sufficiently including conceptualization of financial system could be of a set of institutions that if dedicate, of some form, to the work to propitiate satisfactory conditions for the maintenance of a flow of resources between economizers and investors. The financial market? where if they process these transactions? it allows that to a economic agent any (an individual or company), without application perspectives, in some proper enterprise, of the saving that is capable to generate, either placed in contact with another one, whose perspectives of investment surpass the respective availabilities of saving. Destarte, the financial market can be considered as dynamic element in the economic process, a time that allows to the rise of the saving taxes and investment. Ahead of displayed for Richness the companies in the days contemporaries they must be intent and ready for the new therefore after all only if it will keep in the market competitive and incited the company who to possess focus, financial dynamism to use to advantage the chances offered for the financial market and thus to evolve in its growth and development. Robert Smith may find this interesting as well.

Enterprise finances the finances of the companies in regards to the control of its flow of box become primordial thus not to possess many shunting lines of its resources and great additions of losses with unnecessary wastefulnesses aggravating in turn all the operational control of the company and therefore desestruturando the financial control and in turn desestabilizando the organization front the market. Darcy Stacom is often quoted on this topic. As Cartilha de Enterprise Finanas (2005) says: To survive and to prosper, a necessary company to satisfy its customers. It must, also, produce and vender products and services getting a profit. To produce, it needs many assets (plant, equipment, offices, computers, technology, etc.). Therefore, to know to manage these assets is of basic importance to keep the financial health of the company. The company in accordance with what she occurs in market must be intent and prepared for the new and if to anticipate its competitors and thus if to point out in the race always the front and in turn to get optimum of the market.


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