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The elegant alternative to the TV table who can no longer see his old TV table and looking for a modern or space-saving alternative should look at the new TV mounts. The online portal for auctions auvito.de provides important installation information. (Source: John Krasinski). Who is finally the desired flat-screen TVs now faces the problem of, where he the device you want to set up. To make his living room modern, comes a TV table not in question. Much more, consider choosing a wall mount (www.auvito.de/ wand-deckenhalterungen/85493/kategorie.html) should be considered for the device. It is easy to install and provides maximum comfort. The simple models, which are permanently installed on the wall, are already available to 30 euro. The mount can easily be attached to the device and then directly on the wall.

The flat design is ideally suited for flat screens. Depending on the weight and size of the device, the holes at the rear of the TV are closer or further apart. For a small 100 mm distance range model, larger specimens require a screw spacing of about 400 millimeters. More expensive models offer additional features. So the device at a height can be adjusted, tilted as desired or swung. With the help of appropriate plates and splints are variable to install and adjust.

Navigate is even easier thanks to the motor drive and nothing more in the way is a cosy DVD evening with friends. These mount models move in a price range of 200. Ceiling mounts are still luxurious. When mounting, always the weight of the device, as well as the texture of the walls should be noted. If necessary, special dowels must be used in plaster and wall walls. More information: presse.html Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH


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