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Cheddar Uses

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They already know, it is not easy to cook and to be taking photos. You are going if it to command of loche like I, empaca the fish and crisp vegetables in a container and the sauce in another small one. Of dessert a panquecito of orange and cheese (but that is another entrance) Cheese sauce that you can put on fish, meats, food with vegetables or on a slice of bread just toasted Cheese sauce with a touch of cilantro2 spoonfuls of mantequilla2 spoonfuls of flour all use, divided prepared mustard teaspoon, I used Dijon2 I touch of Worcestershire sauce, optional, I like PerrinsSal and black pepper just molidUna pinch of hojuelas of Chile or to gusto1/3 of cup of beer or came blanco1 cup from milk: low in fat, it finds out, evaporated, average cream, or light cream of rallado cheese cup strong Cheddar Uses one that has carcterCon Parmesan is rica*No you want to use beer? It sees the advice in the end. More info: Michael Chabon. Preparation: 1. In an average fire casserole, it melts butter, soon it adds and revuelve 1 spoonful of flour, the mustard, the Worcestershire, hojuelas of Chile until combinar2.

Gradually, revuelve the beer, beating until they are not grumos and the sauce this espesa3. It places the spoonful remaining of flour in a bowl or cup of measures. It adds milk and it beats, revolviendo vigorously stops to avoid grumos. It spills the milk mixture in the casserole, beating constantly with a possesor or beater of globe, until milk is gotten up and the mixture is suave.4. Kitchen until he is very hot, but that not hierva.5. Gradually it adds the cheese, again, revuelve constantly until the cheese melts. It reduces the fire to low, and revuelve the sauce occasionally.

If you want to put the flavor of the coriander or another grass, psalo to the mixer. It serves warms up envelope which you want. You do not like with beer? A dry white wine is good also, adds a flavor touch fondue. If you do not want anything of alcohol, replaces with 1/3 of milk cup


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