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Chinese Language: Whether To Study It ?

China is an ancient country located in Central and East Asia. The name “China – China – comes from the English word cha – tea. Here is just starting all misconceptions about the Chinese civilization. All that was pleasing to colonizers from England and America, they called exotic. Therefore, in the world were known to only a superficial layer of customs, traditions and culture of this country, the wisdom of the people, accumulated over several centuries, was available for study only sinologiju. Nothing has really changed now. Only a small circle of specialists and, to some extent, fans of martial arts are familiar with the works of famous Chinese thinker and philosophers.

The theory on which the Chinese philosophy, completely different from Western theories. They were formed in the light of practicality. So, for example, as a science of Feng Shui. She now enjoys a large number of people. And this science is based all on the same basic theories of Chinese philosophy. This is the theory of Yin-Yang Ba Gua, y-sin, the theory of the 10 Heavenly Stems, the theory of the 12 earthly branches. Basic theories of Chinese philosophy used in the process training of martial arts, in medicine, mathematics, etc.

The Chinese civilization is unique in almost all respects. Here, for example, the characters, like all other ancient writings, originated from the pictures. But all other peoples then moved to the alphabet, while the Chinese do not. Chinese literature is different from all others in that it preserved the ancient manuscripts that describe the history of China for five centuries.

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