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Chinese Pyrotechnics

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Every year we celebrate one of the largest and most beautiful festivals in the night sky kotorgo lit with colored lights and fireworks, and the echo of explosions and popping pierce the entire city. Surely most people perceive the new Year of the most interesting, enchanting, funny and massive celebration. This is the time we spend in the company of his best friends, relatives and friends. And directly to them, as well as many strangers we can demonstrate all his inventiveness, original ideas and professionalism, to try himself as an amateur pyrotechnics, give yourself and others pleasure and delight in the contemplation of his own made pyrotechnics and fireworks. This passion will allow you to greatly embellish the already fun event.

It is advisable to follow all the traditions of this historic mark the celebration and not limit itself just take a large amount of alcohol that night. Producing their own variety of explosives and devices, so you develop your technical and creative skills. This brings many times more pleasure than to give a fairly limited resources on the Chinese factory, sometimes not satisfied with the result and quality, pyrotechnics, fireworks and firecrackers weak. Also, mastering, and gradually expanding their knowledge of science relating to a bomb, fireworks, smoke bombs, vzryvpaketov, you get a chance to feel the master of the explosion and fire. Looking at our site, you will learn about the many recipes for making pyrotechnic devices and accessories, allowing us to set goals that you previously seemed unattainable. You also get acquainted with the special devices and devices that enable significantly reduce the risk of burns and injuries as a result of neglect of safety. Controlling the fire and driving the explosion of pyrotechnics, can perform various tasks, ranging from the transfiguration rather boring and banal interview with a girl, has made a heart beating a fountain of sparks, ending with the implementation of hard work to demolish the walls and the excavated soil. Of course such an occupation is unsafe, having risk life and health, so work on making homemade fireworks are responsible people are always strictly adhere to safety rules both general and for each individual case. This is a significant risk, and to a very long time to get the adrenaline and enjoy their work, you need priderzhivatsya certain rules. It is important a great responsibility and tolerance, to give myself a full report on its actions, the removal of all alleged and potential negative factors that bring an already dangerous occupation heightened risks. All this is constantly kept in the attention and fixed, but the ultimate goal is aimed at bringing the result pleasure in the creation and supervision in action pyrotechnics and fireworks made hard work with their own hands.


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