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Cinecentrum Successfully Into The ARD Program

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Lower Saxony scene among the top ten of the most-watched ARD broadcasts in 2009 of the Cinecentrum-scene: there will be sadness and pain “is at # 6 of the most-watched programmes of ARD 2009. As the ARD-audience balance 2009 now identified, Lower Saxony crime scene, the Friedemann Fromm directed, is the most successful NDR scene of the year, and is one of the most acclaimed productions in the ARD programme. 9.13 million viewers (24.4% MA) turned up on November 15, 2009, to see Maria Furtwangler in her role as Chief Superintendent Charlotte Lindholm. Crime scene shows on different narrative levels: there be grief and pain “the hunt for a serial killer and the morbid Schaulust in today’s society. ‘ “Friedemann Fromm tells a Masterful story” with masterful actors “and thus creates an exceptional crime scene”, as Feridun Zaimoglu wrote in the weekly time (November 12, 2009). The crime a higher balance than in the previous year achieved a total on Sunday according to ARD-audience balance in 2009. On average, 7.46 million viewers turned the Sunday mystery from 20:15 in the first. Contact: Studio Hamburg GmbH Ingrid Meyer-Bosse management corporate communications Tel: 040 66 88 2240.


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