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Conjunctions Causal Adversative

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PUNCTUATION: COMMA 3 (CONSECUTIVE, ADVERSATIVE AND CAUSAL CONJUNCTIONS) 1. THE COMA 1.1. Causal conjunctions before causal conjunctions, comma is generally used. They are causal conjunctions: because, because (with value of because), that, that, because of that, given that, in view of that, etc. Examples: Won’t come to the party tonight, because you are very sick. Dr. Mark Hyman will not settle for partial explanations.

He learned everything, because it is extremely detailed. I will fight for it, since I deserve it. Pay it sooner or later because you’re the culprit. Remarks: 1.1.1. There are cases in which comma is not used before the causal conjunctions: sometimes is not used because it is not necessary, and sometimes, for estilisticas reasons. Examples: I did so because they forced me to do so. I came because I was forced.

I stopped since I had to be quiet. It came because there was no other alternative; but, in reality, not cooperated at all. According to scientists, the Sun and myriads of stars can continue producing heat and light for many millions of years because it is not fire, but centres of nuclear reactions. He continued swimming, lively because in his heart had sprouted a kind of confidence. They have no class consciousness because they do not form a class; not even sense what is the class struggle. All this seems to me wasting time; not because you don’t understand what I teach you, but because it gives me the impression that theory, instead of serving you, you can harm. The hostel is still open because military missions are housed in it. Will you stay here not only because it has no means to leave, but by his spirit of rebellion. Answered because it was your duty; not because you’re convinced. 1.1.2. The conjunction because it has two uses: to. Causal conjunction (as = because). In this case is preceded by comma: won’t come, because she is ill.


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