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In a new practice of EQ dynamics international leaders learn to lead staff in times of downsizing. Staff lead in times of downsizing.” So reads the title of a new training specifically developed by the Munich-based training and consulting firm EQ dynamics international businesses, has decided to be headed: we reduce staff. In the overall four-day training (two times two days) the necessary know-how conveyed executives, who must implement this decision in the staff contact, as professionally, to make this process in their area; Furthermore as possible without pain”for the employee and for the employees who remain in the company. In training the executives engaged in staff first the phases in which a staff reduction process takes place starting from the announcement of the head of the company, we build off”until the day, when the last Gekundigte the company leaves and with the remaining employees restarted through to may. Participants learn among other things, the various groups of employees undergoing what emotional Constitution at the various stages and therefore show what behavior patterns. From this they derive then, what behavior of them as executives is required (if possible) the performance of your area is maintained and avoid consequential damages as a result of staff reductions. Will be discussed in the training also, how participants can ensure in times of personnel losses, which they themselves emotionally are under high pressure, that their mental stability is maintained and they can offer their employees the necessary hold. Based on the training EQ dynamics international companies who are experiencing downsizing processes, also offers so-called collegial discussions, for the executives who are on the emotional front,”to organize and moderate.

They will meet the affected Executives in the four-week intervals, to share the challenges now facing them because of staff reductions in their area. Also they draw up together specific behaviors and strategies, it adequately to respond to. These collegial consultations facilitate dealing with own emotions the executives in the painful process of downsizing. For more information interested companies for EQ dynamics international (Friedrichstrasse 13, 80801 Munich Tel.: 089/461 375-0; E-Mail:).


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