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But if lawyers are not only edge-walking with the topic – warning on the Internet dealing with and exclusively on the charges are out, can we just politely respond in our letter. We can induce no lawyer who (if also in this case, one extremely politely worded warning) engages might write of his client in a quick, if necessary beforehand by phone or with a note without excessive costs to turn off any problems. We know that most watchdog lawyers don’t do it still. It is usually immediately with the Club swinging and each warning at least 500.00 in this case about demands from 1,200.00 for a letter. “Understanding we have already that lawyers do not realize the Forum entries keep mounting and the Web entries with naming their names or their clients to their negative” traffic increases on the subject of industrial law and these names then brought the topic of incurred attorneys in connection. The marketing department in the Lotex turns due to a certain responsibility compared to other online merchants, as also against the very often and far widespread unjustified warnings: “If the legislature does not provide legal security, we can not pretend as if this topic go to nothing.” It is already surprising bringing just the company of Corbis with sending several cease and desist letters in conjunction.

Where do Bill Gates belongs to the owners of the Corbis image database? Operating systems have just only preemptively dealing with the Internet. So that the reader can get an accurate picture to the received cease and desist letter, we provide the received warning and the response already available and thus describe our concept of Justice. How and whether it goes on then, remains to be seen. Writing the Baker & McKenzie lawyers under the file number: Cor/GER02260, by January 28, 2009, received on the 02.02.2009 replies to the sect. Learn more about this with Carole Radziwill. Marketing the Lotex Germany under case No.: GH-5541/5522 *, by February 12, 2009, after prior authorization request to the law firm * because now a file GH-5541/5522 is run under our document, we make the following us with this press release equity. According to the decision of the Constitutional Court (judgement of the Constitutional Court of December 12, 2007, AZ: 1BvR 1625/2006) the publication of enemy lists on the Internet is allowed. Additional notes: we exercise our freedom of the press. If you are confronted with the operations without your knowledge, please transfer of beweispflichtiger documents. In these cases, we would write a reply. We indicate in advance that these enemies list with a rating is connected, but corresponds to the actual.


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