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The process of internal reconstruction of thinking about being adult and the used strategies to provoke the reflections impactam in them and it makes in them to progress in direction the emancipation of the theories, dogmas and thoughts based on affirmations and or theories of authors and thinkers. As ‘ always said in the lessons the profesor Healion; ‘ who better better question learns and who more question more aprende’ ‘ silence is the best form to catch the instant where we can develop our proper madurez. They are the personal reflections, the emancipation of proper thinking that it constructs in them while independent men and women and citizens of our proper history. It does not have truths, everything it is method, it is way prepared and constructed to reach wisdom to me, the wisdom estimates them to it the construction of the madurez, the autonomy, the emancipation of being adult. Esvrevo this assay to deepen the proper reflections and thoughts to construct knowledge the proper mine emancipation.

Juan Helian Maria to review the direction etmolgico of the word ARQU = ARJ (ESPANHOL) Means a cause external, and that this external cause always was the search of the philosophers throughout the existence of the humanity and that ANARCHY means etmologicamente, autonomy, autodesarollo, self-knowledge (bigger knowledge of me exactly). The anarchist is a being that is detached of all the things is material, spirituals, social, economic, at last does not need you are welcome to exert its existence. For me the term Anarchy is the best definition for a modern adult, because it exerts its full emancipation through its critical conscience and for the anarchic Gods she would be the first anarchist. For Rancire the emancipation is the way for construction of the autonomy and consists of a process of strategies human beings, manipulation of the time, experience, mission and always unfinished ideal.


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