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Visualized online coaching tool is now available in the network of Oberhausen as full version – is the client version of LPScocoon-online recently as a full version on the Web site LPScocoon.de to download. In sequences of each fifteen minutes anyone interested with all functions can become familiar. Such a demo can be started any number of times. The program is downloaded and installed on your PC, including an online session can be performed. Then you need a licensed partner who creates a session and generate an unlock code. Consultant license are listed in the above mentioned site consultants pool. Everyone can purchase a license which is familiar with systemic constellations or goes through a training tool.

“The Web page under the menu item reveals details also be consultants”. The 3D software is the reconstruction of the coaching tools LPScocoon with his thirteen different symbol stones for systemic constellations and all movement lab runs this process needs. The program serves Visual support of a strategy consulting or coaching session on the phone. Thus, a real coach leads the process of an avatar. Instead of positioning the real stones on a Board and there 4-eyes talking the way to work, the client in the online coaching moves his checkers on the Board in a virtual meeting room. With its newly designed symbol stones, LPScocoon has made presentable systemic constellations in business coaching. In 2007, this concept was awarded as innovation coaching and consulting. Now is available the installation tool also in the virtual space and resources received in 2008 human an innovation award in the category.

With the 3D application client and coach carry the common installation to the computer and control the symbol stones with keyboard and mouse. In the same way, you can change the angle or location. All movements are transmitted simultaneously over the Internet on the screen of the other. The movements are soft and the photo-realistic 3D works naturally in the virtual space. On the Internet, advance payment. Currently 100 EUR per hour, this virtual coaching is significantly cheaper than face-to-face business coaching. The developer promises similar efficiency with greater local and temporal flexibility. Coaches can use with experience in systemic line-up for own work the software license. Consultant licenses cost between 79,-and 119,-euros per month. The client software is free and available on the Web site to download available. Christiane Grabow


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