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According to exit polls, 67% of all lost customers – people who complain about the lack of interest and concern on the part of sellers. It is clear that the seller must know your product. Therefore, the seller rarely admit to the client if he did not "learn" the characteristics of what he sells. Most often, this specifications. It happens that the beginning of the seller or the end of his probationary period align with perfect knowledge of the technical characteristics of the goods. As a result, when the seller starts to sell, he brings down to the buyer all of these perfectly known to him specifications. Most often, while the customer gets bored. He's not buying product, and solution to their problems, benefits. Bottom line: if you desperately need a buyer of displayed item is the purchase takes place. In other cases, the chances are low the seller. Report based on emotion and emotional well perceived. Many people ask how to make the customer as soon as look at the goods, immediately bought it? There is a better option – to establish a person living a normal dialogue and to agree to buy it with desire. One of the main secrets of sales – Is to sell a product / service, not through manipulation, and to chat with someone in a way that he knew exactly what he bought. So he thought: "Wow, I used this product was not needed, but now I'm glad I made such a purchase ", or" I do not knowingly worked with this company.

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