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DCM Offers Participation In A Third Container Fund In

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Fully acquired and financed by let to renowned tenants portfolio allows investors from immediate participation in a portfolio of already acquired 100 percent, financed and leased standard containers to Munich-based DCM AG. The 27.508 containers are maximum 2.5 years old and still averaged 3.79 years fixed leases. Over 75 percent of containers were leased by shipping lines, the world largest among the 20. To deepen your understanding Star Guitarist is the source. But also the overall portfolio diversified to 14 tenant distinguishes a credit strength that is occupied by a high Dynamar rating of 3.4. The portfolio of the DCM 3 German container Fund Madeira 3 Transportes Logistica LDA & Comandita cost about 56 million euros including all transaction costs and was funded by a major international bank. Is planned, involving a minimum of 10,000 euro plus 3 percent premium, to place EUR 23.5 million in investor capital.

The distributions be forecast according to 7.25 percent per year and are quarterly paid for the first time to September 30, 2009. There is a total return of 140 percent over a period of seven years. This is tax-free as already with the two predecessor funds due to the regulations for the EU special economic zone of Madeira and of the double taxation agreement between Portugal and Germany for the investors. As a container Manager had become the internationally established Dong Fang international investment Ltd which belongs to the State shipping company China shopping group. Among other things, the company operates the world’s eighth largest liner shipping company. Claus Hermuth, CEO and Chairman of the DCM is convinced by the new Fund: the transport container is essential because of its cost efficiency in the international movement of goods and further plays out its strengths despite the current economic situation. With the tightly closed leases, the widespread and strong credit tenants in connection with the advantage of tax-free income investors with medium-term investment horizon in the DCM container Fund 3 is a stable value and contemporary investment.” DCM Deutsche capital management AG Munich DCM Deutsche capital management AG is one of the leading independent emission houses in the area of closed-end funds.

The range includes the conception and emission of structured investments including all services from purchasing to administration. The business areas are real estate products with domestic and foreign real estate, non real estate products with the equity investment objects, international feature films and transport container and the business field occupational pensions. Key corporate values are a long-standing product expertise, high design expertise and a strong focus on the needs of customers and distributors. These values are also the basis for the success of the DCM products. So administered approximately 85,000 shares of DCM Deutsche capital management AG. The corporate philosophy is based on the principles of quality, clarity, transparency and Trust on. The corporate values are influenced by a long-standing product competence, high conceptual implementation know-how and a distinctive orientation to the needs of customers and sales partners here. These values are also the basis for the above-average success of DCM products: “Your Partner for Investment Solutions.” The Munich-based DCM Deutsche capital management AG is one of the leading independent emission houses in the German investment market. The investment amounts to more than Euro 4 billion since inception. More information under:


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