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… developed the three-dimensional architecture of sitting – sitting in 3D with the designer Wolf Udo Wagner series Univers Fischer furniture aimed on the one hand to the garden owner looking for versatile furniture, on the other hand, Univers is a new offer of planners, architects and the general contract business represents. The idea: Univers is a system based on a varied and all-round concatenatable module. This seating of any desired size and arrangement can, as in other concatenatable furniture systems, create. One of the peculiarities of the Univers: vertical, stepped seating can be made in addition to numerous classical arrangements.

Similar on the stairs of Montmartre or the steps next to the Museum of fine arts in Stuttgart, people can take out place at several levels. Because they perceive like that, if it is offered. For example like stage or also grandstand style seating can be made with Univers. The subsequent taking place people are part of one Staging, which will be interesting just for event planners as well as for all other planning areas. Applications catering, event planning, exhibition facilities, hotels can be found in the areas, on cruise ships, companies set up, in the club scene, and of course in the garden.

“Seating landscapes are in demand again, after in the 60s from first mattress camps” of hippie culture, the collective ideas of living and of freedom of sitting not possible unprecedented until then emerged. Thanks to the vertical applications more, yet not get up there at Univers unprecedented options of sitting together. One can speak of an architecture of sitting. Also, arm leaning modules, stool, table modules as well as planters and bar items are offered, that extend the functionality of the series. The modules are easy to string together thanks to the current all-around trapezoid-like shape. Square and rectangular modules are offered. The series Univers is a combination of solid, soft fm-foam, coated with a rubber coating which ensures that the material is almost indestructible. The coating is highly resistant and can await you with high UV – resistance. The color palette features at the camp program quartz, anthracite, the colors green and white. It is also possible after color chart to manufacture, to provide comprehensive planners. A frame made of weather-resistant Thermo wood serves as a base plate on which the items can be arranged at will. Univers was already awarded with the IF design award 2009.


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