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On the shelves you can find a myriad of designers, intended for children of all ages. Often came into the store, young parents just do not know what to buy designer baby! It's so hard to soorientirovatsya in a variety of brands, materials and tsen.I how do you choose the one that will benefit your child? Among domestic manufacturers highlights the designer 'Gingerbread Man', the brand Stellar, because every detail of the design yavalyaetsya still rattle! A fun game to your baby provided! Besides him, we can find a whole series of designers block. However, they have one drawback: you can build only square and rectangular buildings, which makes it a flight of fancy. It is therefore necessary to combine these with other designers. For example, a funny soft designers. They are a set of parts, of which ozhno to collect a certain figure (a house, a butterfly, truck), but this figure will not be obemonoy. But how many useful skills to develop such a constructor: it's sensory development and coordination of the hands. But how could we not praised modern designers, do not forget about the friends from his childhood on the dice! Especially wood! Because they are made from environmentally friendly materials! Bricks develop spatial thinking and eye, as is just move the pivot point and all of your design will fall! Now there is a wide choice of thematic blocks: cartoon scenes, alphabet and arithmetic, teaching (such as' Who lives where? ") And other kids, mastered the cube, will be interesting designers, including SEB in a real bricks and cement! So we can build a real country home for dolls or a garage for cars, though quite small! But if such a construction is already sick, it is possible, missed at 3:00 into the water to start building again! Fantasy child has no boundaries! Buy the designers here


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