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What’s the quickest to accomplish what we want? The famous Internet marketer, Michael Joyner argues that there are five basic laws by which we can achieve any goals. To achieve the goal must be observed: The Law of straight lines: the shortest path between two points – a straight line. Also in achieving the goals: if you want to get quick results, choose the most direct way, do not need any extra steps and tasks. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as John Mclaughlin by clicking through. Act a clear vision: goal, which you should get, you should see. In order to get something, you should clearly understand exactly what you want.

Law focus: until you achieve your goal, you will not focus focus on anything anymore. Act concentrated power: same – until you achieve the result, you do not waste your energy for anything more. The inevitability of action-reaction: two inseparable things, which depend on each other: action and subsequent reaction. These laws are certainly true and tested experience and time, but they could still be reduced to three postulates: Know exactly what you want. The problem is that many fancy the idea, but here’s a picture the final result, whatever they would like to see – not always.

Owning your own business – the idea, but what, where, to what extent – it is objective. In order to accustom themselves to the representation of goals, a good training – visualization. Vividly imagine the end result – it looks like, sounds like it has changed your life and the lives of people around. Accurate representation of yourself that you want to help you rather choose the means to achieve objectives and reject unnecessary steps. Follow straight lines. Do only what brings you closer to your goal. Do not waste time on the performance of unnecessary tasks, which take you away. It may even be your everyday habits, but because the implementation of this paragraph is not so easy at first glance, it seems. If, say, you decide in a short period of Prestressing and save some money, spend money on a weekly and the familiar campaigns in restaurant on the weekends it would just breach the rules of straight lines, as in general for a month or six months accumulates an impressive amount. Focus on those things that bring you closer to your goal. Do not waste time and energy wasted. No need to recycle – making too much effort, we can not see how fall in love with minor things. And in the end we get an unsatisfactory result – a lot of work, little progress. Concentrated Are you the maximum can be determined by analyzing the activity. Ask yourself: Is all what I wanted, I have achieved in the time allotted to me? Enough I use my potential? Crept I close enough to ultimate goal, or standing still? If the answers are unsatisfactory, then your attention dissipated, and something is missing from your mind. Maybe it is time to let go of this situation, switch to another activity or try another way to achieve goals. Constantly review its activities to obtain maximum results.


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