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He says that the claim is for students to acquire a conceptual clarity and to wake up to their own spirituality, compassion, fraternity, a new sense of community, to a universal spirituality. It is clear to me that schools should be places that will facilitate the development of the students, but we must introduce them in a natural and social world, as well as in their inner world. Holistic education is geared towards integrity in the educational process, celebrates and makes use of constructive alternative viewpoints and evolution of the reality and the multiple ways of knowing. In conclusion, it is clear to me that we must be inclusive, as the case taking into account the art as part of the development of any subject and as an example, I mentioned that we need to take poetry as part of the development of creativity, reflection, meditation, ease to express ourselves; which must include in any matter. Personally, I have taken it as a point to be addressed in each of the classes that I teach, as well as the courses that I’ve carried out as part of the work throughout the master and I think include as part of my teaching activities and even personal. A poetry that I get heart is: do not fear you tomorrow, since I don’t want to associate myself with anything, since I understood happiness are instants, and don’t want to be dependent on anything, only of my being. I have confidence in today, I do not fear to yesterday by the past. I must live without nostalgia and hope… Since the only thing I have is the moment I must acknowledge and confess that at first the face-to-face sessions and the first international meeting not left me much learning or feelings, since still not landing the topics and the truth did not understand them and why not say, with work, activities, etc.


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