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Different Galaxies

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In front of him should not be anything, including empty space, since it financially. Behind him an observer would see a hemisphere filled with galaxies, and our galaxy would be in the center of this hemisphere, in the limit to observe from a distance. All other galaxies, which he had seen from Earth, but now located in its new 'horizon', for it would disappear, as with respect to it would move faster than the speed of light, and light from them never came to be our observer. But they are not from that ceased to exist objectively! Returning immediately to Earth, he again would have found them in their places. However, there is no reason to believe that our galaxy in the universe is kind of special, the more central position. Rather, it is completely random, ie our position Galaxy with equal probability anywhere in the universe. Therefore, the observer, a journey to the "horizon" of the universe is likely to see a picture, not unlike the observed on Earth.

Ahead, on his way movements will appear more and more galaxies and their clusters, and the back will "go beyond the horizon," already seen them before. We should note one very important fact because the galaxy disperse uniformly accelerated, our observer anywhere in the universe would seem that it is his location is the center of the Big Bang. But this means that the true center of the Big Bang in the Universe exists, and that the Big Bang itself nothing more than an illusion.


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