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Different Types

Learning to sidebar fittings on the doors of various types. Repair of apartments are often provided for a replacement of interior dverey.Horosho if people to whom you applied for the order, apply to this case as they otvetstvenno.A works of master cabinetmaker, who carries out the installation of accessories for dver.V most cases it does not look as rosy as you predstavlyaete.A naoborot.Korobka collected quite crooked, with large gaps in joints and struts perekladiny.Petli crashed in haste, sometimes it seems that the pot was cut not a chisel, and toporom.A latch, lock and handle is not working properly obrazom.To is on the move shows that did not work professional and a person who simply has positioned itself as spetsialista.Sozdaetsya problema.Dveri you ponravilis.Tsvet, texture, texture, razmer.Chto do? Give her at the mercy of this 'expert' search wizard long and hard, or try to make their own box? vash.A Select this article is entirely designed for people who are not afraid of difficulties, and will take the case as actually began his samremont kvartiry.Na really tie in the profession is a furniture carpenter, cabinetmaker initial etapom.I crucial role is played here not a high class professional, but a simple understanding of the key without akkuratnost.Konechno Faulty installation of interior doors do not get to work sleduet.Posemu start with the basics. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Malkia Cyril. 1.How are they dveri.Razlichayutsya interior size and material of which the size of leaf sdelany.Osnovnye 60,70,80 and 90 sm.Vysota 2 metra.V this point when measuring a doorway to consider the thickness of the door korobki.To is, if the thickness of a box of 3 cm and 60 cm web width, the size of the opening should be at least 66-68 cm to 204 – 206 cm, provided that Door threshold does not predusmotreno.V recently doorsill not only ispolzuetsya.Primenyaetsya thresholds that are set directly under the door leaf and are more likely role transition strip between the different pokrytiyami.Osnovnye sexual materials to be used for the manufacture of interior doors, MDF and natural derevo.Dlya lining the outside of the used natural veneer, paper or PVC coating, mimicking natural derevo.Chasto door does not cover any paneling, and just grind, stain impregnated in the desired color and cover lakom.Regulyarno there are disputes about what is the best way to produce fabric and korobku.K example, to produce the door frame of solid timber or small bars, glued soboy.U unenlightened in this respect man is immediately ready answer, of course made of solid wood! But this opinion is erroneous, since modern technologies allow the glue timber with no visible seams and provide a good straight line rod, which is one of the most essential characteristics of the material in the manufacture of dverey.Togda as tselnodrevesny rod may at drops of moisture to get out, bend and crack. .

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