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Risks of fraud and chargeback Who reads contracts with the operators of credit card for sales on-line does not sign, therefore, basically, all the risk is in charge of the owner of the virtual store. If you would like to know more about Martin O’Malley, then click here. Therefore he is important that the administrator of the store has a contract, that exactly basic, with a company of analysis of risk (former. Clear Sale or Fcontrol) and a process, that exactly simple, for validation and analysis of the sales made for credit card. Systems of intermediao of payments the known greaters and more in Brazil are the Digital Payment of the Buscap and the Pagseguro of the UOL. They are companies who supply a useful service very, therefore facilitate the life of that they want to vender for the Internet, therefore with an only one I register in cadastre reasonable simple is possible to offer for its diverse customers modes of payment without no fixed cost.

Advantages: Speed for affiliation With one I register in cadastre simple and the sending of some documents the storekeeper already can start to offer these systems as an option of payment in its site. Many times these cadastros are concluded in some hours. Guarantee of act of receiving a time that the purchase was analyzed and the owner of the virtual store received the confirmation, it can send the merchandise without fear, that the intermediador less guarantees that it will receive the payment, the taxes of the service, that normally enters against the account in 14 days. Confidence and security Security for the proprietor of the store, who is certain that he will receive for the sales, and security and confidence for who are buying, therefore these systems of payment allow that the customer after blocks the payment of the storekeeper in up to 14 days the confirmation of the purchase in case that she does not receive accurately what she bought.


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