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Where to start? Of course, by selecting a topic of research paper, but that's how to do so: a) not later regret their choice, which, generally speaking, is a complex philosophical problem, and b) not to over-complicate your life writing the thesis, the theme of which have not yet found a proper study in scientific research, c) not to enter into long-term conflict with the Department of the University and scientific director, and d) to be able to tell yet for some their "Word" in solving the problems studied in the work, because it is fundamentally important for any scientific work, as such, without a doubt the thesis. Next. Choosing a topic for future research paper, of course, would be nice to look at guidelines for the writing of final qualifying (degree) works (SRS) of the university. There is some advice on this matter. As a rule, issue guidance quite rightly points out that the theme thesis must be agreed with the supervisor of the student, which is certainly correct. Students are given the right of self-selection of topics, with subsequent alignment with the head thesis and approval at the meeting of the department. But in some of the recommendations there are some strange additions, "a student's own work on a particular topic is seen as a failure of SRS and assessed "unsatisfactory" supervisor. The text of this student is not allowed to defend the WRC. " I wonder how then to be in situations where a student has a pronounced interest in a specific scientific problem, to the practical sphere of activity in which he had long and successful working, if have any suggestions in this regard of his employer, etc.


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