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Door Paint

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Painting of a pour special tub or bucket with a grid. Stainless steel wire mesh with mesh size 5 x 5 mm is used for annealing of small excess paint with a roller. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ruchama King Feuerman. Better to use the tub with a sloping bottom that allows you to spend before the end of the paint. Moistened with paint roller, rolled them 2-3 times on the grid, after which the paint is applied on the surface. This is done by proc-tyvaniem roller over the surface of vertical movements downwards so that each successive strip paint overlaps the previous 2-3 see after applying the paint to a small par-current surface film of paint shade uniform vertical movements of the same bead. When artificial coloring door panels initially painted interior trim profile elements (beaded), and then the rest of door surface.

The doors to the local junction box to the paint, covering the slope outlet line. To protect the surface of the wall from splashes oil paint used outlet hinged bar that put on the plat. Below the hinge line of the door painted, using the outlet line. Coloring one half of the door hinge line outweighed by the second side and graduate painting. Before painting the radiator section of the wall behind him cover with cardboard or heavy paper. Initially painted the inside of the radiator between the sections, and then the outer part of it. Convenient paint the radiators before installing them in place. paint surfaces beskistevoy color paint is applied on a previously prepared surface rollers.


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