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Earn Miles With The BA Barclaycard

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For every euro of the cardholder receives 2 miles well tagged write who paid up to January 31, 2010 with the British Airways Barclaycard, gets double BA Miles and other benefits. British Airways, Barclaycard offer until January 31, 2010 on all purchases with their credit card holders of British Airways Barclaycard that twice the number of BA Miles as usual. Every euro which is paid on purchases made with the card, credited two BA Miles on the account of the customer. Is used to pay the British Airways Barclaycard premium at British Airways, hits every euro even with four BA Miles on the account record. British Airways Barclaycard premium and classic have been since September 2008 on the market.

The benefits of the credit card at a glance: BA double miles for purchases made with the British Airways Barclaycard (until January 31, 2010) four BA paid miles for each euro, if British Airways British Airways Barclaycard premium paid 9,000 BA Miles as a welcome gift (until January 31, 2010) (usually 4,500 BA miles) at the initial payment with the British Airways Barclaycard premium enough for a free flight * from Germany to London and back. 1,000 bonus BA Miles with first purchase with the British Airways Barclaycard classic owner of British Airways Barclaycard premium, paying 20,000 euro with their credit card within a year, receive a companion voucher for an extra ticket for a companion on a same British Airways flight of reduced annual percentage rate for flight and hotel bookings with British Airways. Within the framework of the current offer, owners of British Airways Barclaycard can faster as per previously BA Miles and redeem network upgrades and flight awards to all destinations in the British Airways. After completion of the action from February 1, 2010 cardholders will receive again a BA mile per euro for purchases with the British Airways Barclaycard and two BA miles per euro for British Airways with the British Airways Barclaycard premium payments. With the current offer would British Airways, Barclaycard loyal existing Reward customers. Also, new customers who often travel from Germany to the UK, should also be motivated to sign up for the British Airways Barclaycard.


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