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The art if has presented each time more, as an instrument of reflection and change for the man contemporary. Following the man since the primitive times, it always it had an important paper for our studies and reflections. The Benjamin as work of art takes us it another interpretation, that goes beyond the comment. This interpretation passes for an aesthetic one guided for the pleasure of the given taste its significao and reach of its historical meandros and its depth, considerable dimensions in if treating to aesthetic. Read additional details here: Sir Paul McCartney. As the art is interlaced to the life, its function is to become daily the more significant and deep one.

The art is judged according to convincing expression of the meanings of the life and the emotions. Thus, under this perspective, the art and the life are interlaced. The workmanship of Portinari, over all the Retirantes series, possesss a great social character that in turn guides in them to make a world reading, that will propitiate a construction of sensible for our reality. The interest of Portinari for the spectator something is very significant, over all for the fact to know that the art is a language capable to speak more than what words. The image always was used for the man to carry through its communication, this discloses its way of being, living and to perceive the world, therefore its reading becomes so important. As communication form human being it must be used so that let us can reflect on our condition. Considering that the image is translated by visual elements, its recognition alone is possible through the visibility, this because the ideas alone have a value and a direction, when articulated in understandable images for the man, that is, when a interatividade with the world makes possible it. Since the visual images are those that have greater significao for the man, they are these that possess a capacity to communicate to them in faster way and needs.


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