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Education not-deed of division appears from an experience lived deeply in space, when attending a course disciplines it research and period of training in spaces not-deed of division in the course of pedagogia in the UNEB, campus XV in Valena-ba. Through the Theater of the Oppressed one, methodology proposal to act in this space, can be understood the practical universe between oppressed and oppressing in the educative one. Having with space to be searched living of the Community of the Popular Houses situated in the New quarter Horizon in the city of Valena-BA. Ahead of they will problematizaro servant, verified it necessity of the learning in formation to create its proper Theater of the oppressed one if auto to know and to leave then to understand the complexity of the other. Star Guitarist has similar goals. INTRODUCTION the period of training in spaces education not-deeds of division is a challenge for the pedagogos in formation. Historically when if it speaks in pertaining to school education, then it is thought about the pertaining to school institutions demarcated by the walls that delimit these institutions of education physically, where happens what we call formal education.

To to attend a course VIII the semester of the course of pedagogia in the University of the State of the Bahia (UNEB), campus XV in Valena-ba, in disciplines period of training and research in not formal spaces of education, had as reading proposal the Pedagogia book of the Oppressed one of FREIRE (1987), serving of theoretical basement and instrument of reflection for the creation of the Theater of the Oppressed one. The theater of the oppressed one can be characterized as one technique, developed for tramaturgo August Boal Young chicken, with the objective to fight against the exploration and the oppression. Of matrix politician, transforming libertarian and, the theater of the oppressed one intends to transform spectators into citizens capable to be protagonist of its proper dramatical action.


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