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Educational Citizenship

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To understand this affirmation better the Statute of the Child and adolescent places in its articles, interpolated propositions and paragraphs where the child and the adolescent have right the education, aiming at to the full development of its person, preparing it and characterizing it for the exercise of the citizenship and the work, assuring them: the equality, the conditions, the access and the permanence the school where educating will have its rights placed for the Been o, therefore the same is obliged to this easiness for the growth of this Educational Citizenship/. (ECA Art. 53 to the 59). Unhappyly this situation is to the times utopian, not happening of a legal form in the vision of the law, can make a comparison where the responsible parents are obliged or to register its children and stepsons in the education net, we know that this to the times does not happen for other fteis reasons or even though stronger and this is crime and in the truth not to no punishment for that they do not fulfill the law. According to Towers (2003), ' ' when arguing theories of the citizenship and its importance for the education, it is important to go beyond historical or Legal consideraes.

In the same way, it is important to go beyond the citizenship notion as a species of personal status, a combination of rights and duties that all the legal members of a State-Nation detm' ' (p.67). The quarrel of the citizenship is very complex where we observe its difficulty to remain in the process of development to all of a nation where unhappyly some are characterized as citizens and others dissimulate in living deeply its citizenship. In relation to the significant responsibility of a unit of education (School), it needs without shades of doubts, to exert its function of citizenship, giving has supported to all to those educandos to live fulfilling its duties and usufructing its social rights making responsible to all those that search the improvements for all rational society.


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