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So that they are studied, we need, initially, to construct a model represents that them. Such model, to be constructed, will go arrives in port to require it of several disciplines, generating a new knowledge. Moreover, this model it cannot be generalized, of when if only to the chosen situation (Bastos ET al. 2003). Authors as Morin (1996) point the transdisciplinaridade as the exit to deal with the complex situations. A boarding to transdisciplinar occurs when we use slight knowledge, proper methods, abilities and boardings of one discipline inside of the structure of one another one and in a new context. In this in case that, these boardings or these concepts are called transversal lines and can be considered according to two perspectives: in a platonic vision, these concepts and these boardings independently exist of contexts, having to be taught of general or abstract form; in a construtivista vision, the transference of one occurs disciplines for another one, through the modelizao of a nucleus, that will be transposed, and of an adaptation subsequent to the plan of the context. It is important to stand out that the knowledge to discipline are basic practical to multidiscipline them, interdisciplinares and until transdisciplinares.

Thus, it does not make felt to disdain these knowledge, but to advance in the direction of actions that allow to articulate them, generating understanding in raised platforms more.


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