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Educational Revolution

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For in such a way, the knowledge of concepts, evolutivos mechanisms and factors, if makes necessary for the understanding of the diversity of the life beyond providing through analyses and reflections the critical development of pupils (TIDON; VIEIRA, 2009). The Common Basic Contents (CBC, 2007) suggest the professors of Biology of Average Ensino of the State Net of Education of Minas Gerais, the thematic axle Evolution in the resume of Biology, therefore through this a recursiva boarding of contents when dealing with the evidences of the Evolution will be possible. In accordance with Coimbra (2007), the Biological Evolution is considered as a difficult content of being worked, many times is left for the end of the plan of course for presenting conceptual barriers on the part of professors as well as the influence of the religious beliefs. Still to this respect, Tidon Lewontion (2004) cited by Amorim and Leyser (2009), points out a series of difficulties of the professors who work contents of Biological Evolution in Average Ensino. According to Goedert (2004), the professors face conflicts in the education of the Biological Evolution when controversies between criacionismo and evolucionismo appear, there therefore it creates from a contradiction between sciences and religion generating tension for the professors. For Tidon and Vieira (2009), conceptions maken a mistake on the part of the professors, who simplify of errnea form the complexity of the nature, are very spread out in some parts of the world because they seem logical and easy to be understood. For Souza (2008), the study of the Evolution it is dealt with when boarded indifference during the lessons.

This must be changed, since the same it is essential for many and other on concepts and events not only Biology, but to other areas of the knowledge. Still in accordance with this same author exists a difficulty in approaching the Evolution Biological of form it accomplishes because, many times, it is conceived by the pupils of proper maken a mistake form and these still costumam to present its ' ' interpretaes' ' that they are not in accordance with its object of study. The Biological Evolution is presented the pupils in broken up way, impregnated of ideologies and with currently accepted scientific distortions (SHEEP, 2004). On the taught Biological Evolution in the schools, Bizzo (2009), suggests that complex reasons for the difficulties of learning of this content exist, that does not have to limit it the dexterity and to the knowledge of the professor or the cognitivas abilities of the pupil. From the pointed consideraes already, the present nortea research through the following problematizao: which are the factors that intervene with the education of the Biological Evolution? Soon, one becomes necessary that this subject effectively is worked in the schools of Average Education of adjusted form, thus the pupils can understand significantly the Biological Evolution for being an unifying subject and integrator of Biological Sciences. Therefore, it is excellent to understand the factors that facilitate and the ones that make it difficult education on Evolution in the conception of the professor of Biology. One is overcome for general objective of this research to identify the factors that intervene with the education of the Biological Evolution in the conception of professors of Biology of the state net in the cities of Belo Horizonte, Contagem and Ibirit, MG. Of this form, the present research will be able to contribute for reflections and possibilities to work the subject Biological Evolution in the schools of Average Education.


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