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According to Educative Vestibule would hotelaria it always strong was influenced by the social and technological stimulatons of each time. With this it can be understood that half the lodging always the circumstances and demands of the market look for to adapt themselves to and they had been never anticipated in relation to this. Through research it is observed that in the last few decades the customer is freer, that is, its freedom of choice is bigger and with this the time of permanence in a place is more limited, then the transladao of a place for the other increases. The term empreendedorismo also was if fixing in the ways of lodging, therefore it starts in the enterprising spirit, so that such it happens has that, since early, to stimulate personal abilities in the direction to create active citizens in the society. The enterprising word has its French origin and wants to say, that one that takes risks and starts something of new. According to Robert Menezes, ' ' Empreendedorismo is the art to make to happen with motivation and criatividade' '.

Throughout the years this enterprising spirit comes more if strenghtening each time in the ways of lodgings. Hotels, Apart Hotels, Inns etc, come innovating bringing the junction of some caratersticas of the guests, that is one mix so that not if it can only please one definitive public, but to all. Robert Baron (2007, p.7) says that o empreendedorismo involves to recognize the chance to create something new? this does not need to be something new. It can be said that it is a recognition of new chances if to develop in a new market, that is requires creation or the recognition of a commercial application for a new thing. This would hotelaria it to is pra there, to show what it has of good new on of the new.


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