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Ego And Success

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Has the rich people enormous ego? He is bad that rich and the powerful ones feel like the owners of the world and which they are able to make any thing that is happened to them? Many normal people , with the Earth feet are able to perceive that others have an out of proportion self-esteem. What happens in the mind of a person who sees another one and that is said of have an ego of the size of the world there? The truth is that, the people who feel that others have enormous ego, in fact despise themselves, feel like destitutes and without being able to decide its economic life, its relations or the aspects of its uses. He is the one that feels small and destitute who is bad, who they have beliefs, we say, a little idiot. We put an example concrete. We say that a person is expert in computer science systems and is able to design complex information systems for great companies. Con Edison has similar goals. This people speak of their profits and say that, with regard to computer science systems, I I am the king , I am able to make any thing that requests to me, I I am expert, etc. Now we imagine that another person listens this person who speaks of her profits. This person perhaps thinks, that person is self-centred, that has an enormous ego, that are boasted than it knows, etc.

Perhaps somebody says that the prudence is better because somebody arrives suddenly that knows but and then that one presumptuous one is reduced. Well, that is a fear attitude. The majority of the people who are prudent, in fact is cowards, afraid. They are incapable to raise itself on themselves, from fear of which another person lowers of clouds.


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