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Growth From middle of years 50, in some parts of the world, the quality of life if raised thanks to the growth and to the development. Many products and technology had contributed for this improvement, however the impact was very great, in view of the degree of pollution of the use of fsseis fuels. Other forms of production, more traditional, had also provoked consuming ambient. We can cite the deforestations for creation of areas of cultivos, beyond constructions of dams and pastures for the cattle creation. In recent years, the industrialized countries had obtained to grow economically using little raw material and energy for unit of production. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Martin O’Malley. However, with the population growth and the rise of the incomes the per capita consumption of energy and raw materials will increase in the developing countries. Poet often addresses the matter in his writings.

Survival With the increase of the population and the production felt it necessity to use more the natural resources. However, it has of if analyzing that the resources are diminishing very fast and that exists little time to foresee and to prevent the results undesirable. We can cite the effect greenhouse as one of the threats to the systems that support the life. Not forgetting the destruction the layer of ozone of the atmosphere, which had during the production of foam and which had to the cooling aerosol and the set free gases use. Still the pollutants of air exist that are killing trees and lakes, acidificandoo environment; destruction of forests; elimination of chemical dejections and the desertificao as preoccupying factors. However the biggest threat to the environment of the Land still is the possibility of nuclear war. The economic crisis Our concern is come back toward the environment, but a case if to worry is as this can affect the economic development.

This linking more passed to be felt in years 80, where it had stagnation of the world-wide commerce. Africa and Latin America had suffered more with this economic crisis. As consequence of this period, it increased the human suffering and it had much extreme exploration of lands and the natural resources to guarantee short-term survival. Conclusion Therefore, the human progress always depended on the technique and the capacity to act in cooperation. Some technological processes widely had been spread, but this is not enough. The development if does not keep if the base of environmental resources if spoils. First that the consumings of the environment are linked; second that the ambient consumings and the standards of economic development if establish connection and third that the ambient and economic problems league some social factors and politicians to it. Moreover, the consuming of the environment and the different development can increase the social tensions. being thus, the future will be threatened. Reference: OUR World-wide COMUM/Comisso FUTURE For the Environment and Development. 2 ed. Rio De Janeiro: Ed. Getlio Foundation Vargas, 1991.


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