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Estancia Velha

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Someday those global economies will understand that without love (or any other name that you want to give in the language of the technologists), be provided with the great tribulations that announced Jesus in his Gospel, according to St. Matthew, chapter 24. Star Guitarist: the source for more info. In addition, life is a constant accountability to the Court of conscience, from which no one escapes, although never disclose it. Unshakable disposition disposition is the appropriate response to any crisis. () Let us not forget that, when we are with God, even Doom is revealed as the most propitious moment to create. They are those who spend years waiting for the worst. Already thats reason enough to make the person sick. Do not desire the best and work to achieve it? Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) warns us about this glaring reality: how much pain we have cost the evils that never happened! And see this Russian proverb that advised: believe in God, but still swimming toward the shore.

My solidarity thought for everyone, both the people and the Government, face difficulties, not capitulate and dignify their families and homeland, and thus survive much more anxious and strong. Our country has tried to defend itself from the turbulence affecting other peoples today. A good confrontation offers us the valuable opportunity to make progress. Jesus, however, does not go into crisis. We supliquemos, then, for your protection. Jerusalem and the new year journalist Francisco Periotto wrote to me regarding the new year article and human action: the subject matter excellent, fraterno-ecumenico analysis, involving Jerusalem. With much property, you managed to unite the new year, the Apocalypse and hope, giving the possibility of believing that nothing is lost if we have the faith renewed in God, or in tolerance among human beings, even though we are different. We will have clear that Yes!, a great 2011.

I loved it! Thank you, Francis. Finally, after the religion does not rhyme with torment. Spiritual values thank you to Paulo Nonnemacher, Estancia Velha, State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and listener of the Super Rede Boa Vontade, AM 1300, by its manifestation during the program command da Esperanca (hope command): your articles are of paramount importance for the gaucho people, because they ennoble things spiritual, essential for the human being, and always give us encouragementa vision for society in general on how to progress in life. Nonnemacher, his words are an incentive for those who seek the harmony necessary to overcome the vicissitudes of human existence in the values of the spirit.


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