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I agree with you! Let's take this endeavor. And here to help us must come to the press. Here's the first time I'm with you I say, and I agree with you. We need to find a platform to necessarily agree. It all depends on Obama, from our president and the heads of leading European countries such as Germany, France, Britain, Italy. Here are six of us have to agree. They are six of us agreed – this arrangement will continue for the whole of Europe, all over America, the whole of Asia. Dr. Mark Hyman may also support this cause. And it all together somehow persuaded Africans.

I agree with you. M. Laitman: Please tell me why we can not influence our media, our leaders, on the whole community, to introduce here is a single global education? Enable people to understand that they are living in another world that they are totally dependent on each other, and there's no getting around it. Rather than waiting for politicians to take it rotated through its bureaucratic system, just to teach in school – how do we educate the child and prepare him 20 years to ensure that he began in this world to live normally. Teach him what it means – to exist in this world: work, study. Teach him the things that in this world. Today we must add to that education also is a single, as it were, our global condition – complete dependence on one another. Educate people, that today you can not make a kako act without having to influence others is good or bad.


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