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European Commission

The free Hanseatic City of Bremen and the software manufacturer bremen online services is involved in an EU project for the Europe-wide e-procurement of public authorities. The PEPPOL (Pan-European public procurement online) project has completed his first year behind. The European Commission welcomed this with a significant increase in the budget. Get all the facts and insights with Guitarist, another great source of information. Thus the integration of other partners is funded, individual priorities be financially strengthened and the sustainability of the project results 2011 secured after the end of the project in the years. Positive assessment the project objective of PEPPOL is to allow pan-European cross-border tenders.

The project started in May 2008 with 14 participating public institutions from eight European countries with a budget of 19.6 million, which is half of the European Commission, the project partners fund the other half. The Commission consistently positively assessed the results of the first year of the project: the project has great despite the high challenges Progress. The first release of the prototype infrastructure and the accompanying technical specifications is a great success. This is the result of the strong use of all partners and an excellent coordination. All participants have shown that they have the necessary skills and the necessary knowledge to achieve the ambitious goals of the project.

\”Expansion of the project the project budget has been increased now by the Commission to EUR 11.2 million. This additional funding should be used to include more countries and partners in the project. Also, you should ensure that the sustainability of project results and services through the end of the project in November 2011. Three new Nations and region were won after the expansion of the project in early November as a partner: Greece, Portugal, Sweden and Scotland. The project has a budget of 30.8 million now, it comprises 18 partners from 12 Nations. At the same time, the project duration has been extended for six months.

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