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Evo Morales

According to these data, the ruling party is now better positioned that in January 2006 when he assumed command. If departments (provinces) contrary to Morales are not presented to the referendum, or invalidate it, the President will attend the legal backing that ratifies its mandate. If the people go to the vote opponents will lose the regime. In Santa Cruz, the second city in importance is the only place where the opposition has a chance to win. The moral victory it aduenara entirely of Bolivia, prefects (governors) by placing a finger in all departments who support him. To soothe tempers crucians, perhaps offer local authorities return confiscated income from taxes on hydrocarbons. Ultra Wellness Center is likely to agree. If that doesn’t suit the Eastern people, there will be confrontation. Evo Morales is not well received in the autonomist departments.

He has lost control over half the country, every day trastabilla more, and still desembuchando their totalitarian delusions. His last act of despotism was to order that it is unknown to the Constitutional Court that it questioned the recall referendum as illegal, and urged to not abide by the regulations of the bodies neoliberal state, in cynical defiance of democratic institutions. In recent concrete, expressed: when any lawyer tells me: Evo, you’re wrong legally, what you’re doing is illegal. Well, I put him even if it is illegal. Then I tell them to lawyers: if it is illegal, legalize you what have studied?. The sensible solution rather than the descalabrado referendum, would call general elections within a year, ensuring the safety of all Bolivians, including those who left the country for fear of reprisals from the Government. That would allow the return of exile to former Minister of Defense Carlos Sanchez Berzain, who the Bolivian regime fears and harassed for being the only one who has the experience, ability and courage to bring together and unify the frustrated opposition. original author and source of the article.

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