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Expert Calligrapher

Today, even many lawyers unknown acts as an expert calligrapher in character of technical consultant. Therefore this article will serve to, albeit briefly, possess an approach to the matter. when a lawyer would need accurate opinion of a professional expert calligrapher? Whether you need advice on issues related to anything written on paper already be writing or signatures; typed or printed writings by any means of printing – in trial or outside. The experts calligraphers advise not only in terms of writes performed with fountain pen or pens that may be issued on documents made with printers, either point, ink or laser jet should be clarified. Also they may be issued with the use of photocopies, with the limitations of the case. At trial the request for expert calligraphic test by any of the parties (to the ignorance of one of the parties of any documentation) should advise regarding points of appraisal before you order them, and the presence of the professional calligrapher in the technical operations to be carried out, in addition to the presentation of his report in the role of consultant, as a Comptroller. In the case of the professional calligrapher agree the conclusion poured by the designated expert of its own motion in the cause, the same shall agree with the Contracting Party, if only signed in coincidence the report on its own initiative, or submits its report separately.

Out of court, or in the run-up to judicial submission, counsel should advice at the prospect that the documentary fundamental test of Executive judgment, is reliable enough and works effectively. Addition, it is the ideal time to draw the guidelines that will govern the task of the expert consultant, where the lawyer could evacuate all your questions related to potential points of appraisal, which will be the ideal performance during the test phase and to which audiences will be presented, being ideal to establish fees before starting their work. Therefore, before or during the judicial stage, is necessary the presence of a calligrapher to advise the professional lawyer and the party. On the other hand, not only a lawyer may consult a calligrapher. Anyone who owns any item written, typed or printed, and have doubts as to the origin, imitative manoeuvre or adulteration of the same, have to advise to not deal with setbacks in a future judicial stage. As we can see, the performance of an ideal is fundamental in the necessities of calligraphic expert science Rafael Patricio Ayala calligrapher public original author and source of the article.

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