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Creating a corporate identity – no need loud shot, and hit the exact identity, corporate identity, brand identity system, corporate identity, corporate ID, identity, brand ID – all of this corporate identity. Corporate Identity Western advertisers determine the words corporate ID, identity, brand ID, ie identification mark contrast, feature identification. See the difference in meaning? Style – is, like, "Make me beautiful, identity – different from the others." In this sense the difference lies the problem with the creation of corporate identity, as from the "style" expect quite different. The word "style" is misleading, distracting from marketing to the "pure art": graphic design and media art expression. Creating a corporate identity designers are often based on personal tastes of the business owner or aesthetic concepts of creative people. Meanwhile, corporate identity – a public product, and it is primerivat to research the audience, perhaps even to test, as promotional items.

Find unique features within a given range of marketing preferences of the target audience – that's the real challenge "brand stylists. " Creating a corporate identity (identity, corporate identity, etc.) – the first step of business to the public recognition and full branding, rendered essentially a reflection of brand strategy, it positioning – "different from the others." Create a signature style. How does it work? Corporate Identity: * identify the company from other market participants and competitors * creates a positive company image * helps find a customer, creates a positive attitude towards the company and its products; * indicates the stability of society, durability of the company; * increases loyalty of employees, creates new ways of thinking, is the corporate culture, spirit and philosophy; * reduces the costs of advertising and PR, helps build a strong brand.


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