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Federal Constitution

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The first step is to perceive that the garbage is source of economic resource. In Altamira many families survive of the sales of latinhas, of aluminum of catados electric wires in the garbage, in this context suggest that the governing turn toward the incentive to the recycling and the reforestation, giving chance and tax incentives to the companies who are inserted in the context of the environment, in order to generate more jobs the society; that the governmental bodies apply the Law through fiscalization of the companies who generate pollution, toxic garbage, that causes the lack of health in general to the population; that the politicians present projects of preservation of the environment aiming at the improvement of the quality of life of the population. Click Author to learn more. If today we will not have a position and an ambient conscience, to repair the actual damages to the environment and to prevent new ecological disasters, to certainty the quality of life will be compromised. POLITICS PBICAS the Public Politics directed toward the health and the environment have been a phenomenon sociocultural politician, whom it needs to be analyzed to the light of the Constitution. Had the social indifferences, the ambient illnesses come frightfully if proliferating, as research in the agencies of public health. She is necessary to awake in the governing and the society the necessity to preserve the health and the environment, through the Public Politics pautada in the enviromental law. It is of great relevance to say that the enviromental law in contextualidade of the Public Politics in the social scope, is right of all as the Federal Constitution of 1988. In elapsing of the history of the Enviromental law and the Public Politics in Brazil, in 1972, in accordance with United Nations, some agencies had been created, as the Special Secretariat of Half Environment SEMA. The Federal Constitution of 1988, in the caption of its art.


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