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Feminine Hands

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The Maracatu is a cultural manifestation of music typically pernambucana afro-Brazilian. As the great part of inherent the popular manifestations to Brazil, it is an amalgamation of the traditions aboriginal, African and European. Before the Maracatu was representing exclusively for men, but in 2008 a genuinely Brazilian fiber woman and, breaches barriers and surpasses preconceptions becoming it first woman in history to become Master of a Maracatu Nation: Joana D’ arc Cavalcante. The Group Crash Woman was created in the city of Recife, possesss three years of formation and is composed for about 70 women, demonstrating strong that the Maracatu in its ancestries is passvel of being remodelled. It is a cultural project that mainly prohangs to evidence that the women show perfect instrumental conditions to touch tambores, and they make that it with maestria. The Crash Woman presents partnerships with others two traditional groups: The intermeshing between the team and the leader of the Group contributes of forceful form for the reinforcement of the tradition as a whole.

They do not receive no benefit from any organization, being kept through spontaneous contributions of integrant, community and apreciadores of the Maracatu. Martin O’Malleys opinions are not widely known. According to idealizer of the project, the Joana Master: ‘ ‘ The Crash Woman is of great importance, for being the only Maracatu of crash turned composed only for women. The group is faced with seriousness, and is seen as a serious work, compromised with the religiosidade and the children and adolescents of the community. It is an ample work and diversificado’ ‘. The Group Crash Woman inhales to the recognition and access to the medias of mass, however, this is a justice question: a simple contact with this gorgeous cultural manifestation of Pernambuco to understand that is enough this group has the cogentes characteristics to get projection and respeitabilidade the level the International.


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