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Fight In The Hotel Sales – ITB Panel Discussion A Success!

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Sooner or later the rate parity will fall! “The Panel discussion at the world’s largest tourism fair, the ITB in Berlin with the title: the price is hot – drops the rate parity?” on 6 March 2013 was a full success. Learn more at: John Mclaughlin. The students of the SRH Hochschule Berlin am campus Hotel Academy Dresden having support the Greenline hotels together this project positively brought to an end. After good preparation you have managed to put together a top-ranking Panel. The participants included OLAF Philip Beck (ehm. General Manager, Graflicher Park), Olivier Harnisch (Executive Vice President & COO, the Rezidor Hotel Group), Daniel Holl (global hotel relations, Trivago), Michael Putter (Managing Director, Putter GmbH), Tobias Ragge (Managing Director, HRS-the hotel Portal), Ognjen Zaheer (co-founder & Managing Director, just book). As a student representative, Sven Breitwieser confidently led the moderation. The discussion came quickly to the subject rate parity in progress and the various panellists represented powerful position.

All parties were however agreed on one point: the parity will fall sooner or later! The hoteliers should accordingly strengthen their own direct sales and try to increase sales via your own hotel website. Mr Ragge doubts whether this can be done independently by most hotels in the discussion very. Yield management and distribution needs increasingly to the boss”are also in the future on the market to be able to operate successfully, admits Mr Putter in mind. Find more articles, opinions, and photos to the Panel discussion, on the established Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ Panel discussion) image: hotels, rate parity, hotel, panel discussion, rates, assessment management, OLAF p. Beck, Olivier Harnisch, Tobias Ragge, Daniel Holl, sales, Ognjen ZERIC, Michael Putter, Sven Breitwieser, Greenline hotels, SRH, hotel Academy Dresden, Prof. Dr. Carolin Steinhauser, Suzann Heinemann “Company profile GreenLine Hotels: GreenLine Hotel cooperation founded in October 2001 by Suzann Heinemann hotels” includes more than 70 hotels in 8 countries.

All hotels are characterized by their location and an extra dose of regionality. Fresh themed hospitality”supports GreenLine regardless (www.greenline-hotels.de/) company profile SRH Hochschule Berlin. Campus Hotel Academy Dresden: SRH Hochschule Berlin is a private, State-recognized University founded in 2002. Since 2012 the SRH Hotel Akademie Dresden acts as external campus of the University. (www.srh-hochschule-berlin.de/ de /;) Press contact: Kathrin Sengotta, Rebecca summa,


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