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– Sink and faucet (sink better than metal) – a rubber hose. The number will vary depending on what size you want fireplace to get off the shelf. Author might disagree with that approach. First you need to decide on the project (at least mentally, but it's still drawing). We first need to decide what you would like to see in his yard. In our case, the fireplace was built not only to provide space for cooking barbecue, but just needed a cutting table, a sink, and in addition serves as a fireplace and another screen (it blocks the view of the yard from the street).

Perhaps you do not need to washing, or cutting table .. screen, or you do not need … so, it is possible that some elements have come in handy. Think about it in advance. This place can be used as a summer kitchen. The next thing you need to pay attention is the presence of tall trees near the site of the building. Branches that are above the pipe obgorite sure, so if there are a number of trees – the branches better to cut off immediately.

Expect to place so that they do not fit only the fireplace but also quite spacious playground. When the fire is burning need to be able to move away some distance. The rear wall looks like an ordinary wall, so if you is not fit – think about how it will mask. Fireplace should not abut the rear wall of the house or other buildings.


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