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First World War

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Venezuelan companies must be well defined in all matters concerning quality and productivity, you must give much attention, have good specialists in these areas, to ensure training, education, use of modern knowledge that the quality management application in order to obtain favorable results. Shows that the industrialization and mass production have led to specialization within the companies. Each of the people is concentrated in the small section of the company and it is not possible to have an overview of this. It became impossible to rely on knowledge and the employee’s ability to prevent defective products into the market. The inspection was necessary and initially this was done by the boss or foreman of each section. For more information see this site: Former Maryland Governor. The inspection activities gradually increased with industrial development and was then necessary to relieve the foreman of some functions that were involved.

Later they developed a new working group, called inspectors, at the beginning of the First World War. Then separates this group into a separate organizational unit: the inspection department that began in the twenties. To the extent that business activities have been rising, leading to constant changes in the products that companies offer, there has been a fact which indicates, as is the complexity of products has increased, and therefore The risk of defects in the product features. All this has given way to an emerging interest in the reliability of the products, and during the fifties was beginning the development of special methods to increase reliability. At first the interest was concentrated in electronic products for military and space programs.


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