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Flower Essences

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Within the broad spectrum of the Vibracionales therapies and within which we find the flower has had never before paid special attention to aquatic plants and in particular the species Nymphaeas whose generic name is Lily (also known in some places as Water Lilies) and within which we find different varieties and nominations representing them. We can also find other species that are also families of water lily but greater dimension and proportions as they are of the type Nelumbos or lotuses (some are Big Water Lilies). It was traditionally considered to the Lotus as a sacred plant, especially Oriental cultures where it honors him special rituals and from the ornamentation in landscape designs and paintings. These species, the Lotos come to have over 50 cm tall in some cases counting from the base of the leaf to flower and roots that are submerged into the depths of the pond that can reach up to 1 meter. In the case of smaller water lilies flowers they are suspended on the surface of the water and the roots are not so extensive, finding himself rooted to a few cms of depth. These features which are described are to make a differentiation that can guide muy brevemente to the interested reader. Differences exist and are evident, but is not the objective of this basic manual to deepen in the botanical characteristics of these species, but the knowledge of a new perspective into floral therapy, which is the application of the Vibracionales essences of water lilies and lotuses, in search of the psycho-emotional-spiritual and physical balance of living beings to begin, perspective that includes humans, animals and plants.


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