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To firm the absolutizao of the autonomy it is, equally, to deny the individualities and processes construct that it. Way that would place the proper autonomy in the condition of not recognition and distanciamento of the commitment with the diversity, with the recognition of the difference. (P. 30-1). The autonomy while attribute identified with the individual appears ahead of the necessity that we possess to defend us before the mediation of strangers in our lives.

The right to defend us, to preserve our identity human being and professional authorizes in them to take definitive decisions, of our will, as mechanisms of protection and survival in the seio of the group. For Cassol (2006), to assume the independent condition it represents it individual to become subject co-responsible for solidary walking and fruitful of the same society where proper it, its masters and the school is inserted. Individual understood here, also, as pupil, being in formation, apt to construct itself and collectively open to this permanently epistemolgica possibility. Nobody is subject of the autonomy of nobody. …

The autonomy while matureness of the being for itself, is process, is to come to be. It does not occur in marked date. It is in this direction that a pedagogia d autonomy has to be centered in estimuladoras experiences of the decision and the responsibility, valley to say, in respectful experiences of freedom. (FREIRE, 1997, P. 121). Thus, the autonomy is understood and if it develops in a context of relations. But it has a nevrlgico point of being led in consideration: it occurs in the relations, but it is primordially a decision of the citizens, this it characterizes as such. Nobody is independent first stops later deciding, the autonomy goes happening for the innumerable decisions that go being taken in our life. For Marchesi (2006), the changes more significant than if are producing in the society, beyond happening in the work of the professors, modify the attitudes, the culture, the styles of learning and the behaviors of the new generations of pupils, what it makes in them to think about as to organize the resumes, the pertaining to school tasks, the formation of the professors, at last the life in the schools, ahead of this picture.


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