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Franz Bach

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The “flagship” of geo-marketing and Vertriebsplanungs software Regiograph by GfK Geo marketing is strategy. Regiograph strategy can waiting with a variety of other functions that support not only the operational business and the current distribution plan, but offers extensive assistance in the strategic planning of the external service. In Regiograph includes strategy for example a site assessment of existing and new sites (considering the market share, potential, and catchment areas), automatic discovery of potential sites, detailed analysis of the flow of goods, etc. All versions of Regiograph by GfK geomarketing with different digital maps and may market data used so that an optimal sales planning for own use can be achieved with this geo marketing software and the correct digital maps. For example the Regiograph shop offers the geomarketing software Regiograph and all optional digital Landkarkten. With extensive advice exactly the correct version is found for every need of Regiograph, to streamline the Vetriebsplanung. Contact: loading hole & Franz Bach GbR Benjamin Beloch & Sebastian fashions Bach Guild Juan Street 17 D-48599 Gronau phone: + 49 (0) 2562 / 9922500 fax: + 49 (0) 2562 / 9922504 mail: at the Beloch & fashions b Regiograph-shop find geomarketing RegioGraph familiar versions in addition to the (Regiograph planning, Regiograph analysis, Regiograph strategy) also digital maps and market information for almost every country in this world, so that you get complete from one source the perfect solution for your sales planning – from the individual consultation and analysis of your needs about the software and Training of employees responsible for the relevant digital topographic maps and market information. In February 2008, Benjamin Beloch and Sebastian fashions b the loading hole & Franz Bach geomarketing founded GbR in the Westphalia Gronau.

From the very beginning in terms of focused Geo marketing (and often related sales planning and sales management). Geo marketing complements the classical marketing mix to spatial and locational factors. Geo marketing increases sales and marketing decision security. By the addition of external market information, you quickly reach an objective decision basis for expansion, sales planning and media planning. Since May 2009 the Beloch & fashions Bach is geo marketing GbR of official distributor of fiberglass Geo marketing and supports companies in introducing and optimal use of the acclaimed geomarketing software RegioGraph.


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