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In Peru 1990-2000 Fujimori managed great popularity and to govern besides the existing parties becoming the president who squashed to the subversion and generated a growth under a model monetarist. Thanks to it he changed the constitution to be made reelect twice. Colombia today happens through certain similar elements. Uribe has not eradicated the guerrilla it has been but it isolating and defeating. The today counts with more of 70% of support in the surveys appearing like the caudillo who guarantees antiterrorist security and national pride before the supposed interference of some neighbors. Uribe first changed the constitution to be made reelect in the 2006 and today it raises a new election aiming to find a formula that allows him to remain more time in the position. Although he could gain these new elections is the risk that he finishes like Fujimori concentrating more power but at the cost of incubating a social explosion that entails to its fall.


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