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According to a copy of the minutes for that day's session, which was delivered to the court of first instance by the council members, with the presence of 37 members of the community decided to dismiss the petitioner from his office: "He was found seriously flawed, NARVAEZ ANANIA partner errors that had been committed long ago with some neighbors and the community as theft of sorghum, banana, banana leaves, sheep, an electricity meter and poisons as insecticides and community had to defend the crops community. He is accused also of a foal from Emilio Pena, a mare of a lady. "It was removed from Ananias fellow council by a majority of the General Assembly to be aware of these thefts to the same community and hide animals like horses and donkeys breeding population on the grounds of the community." 8.3 The actor, for his part, rejected the dismissal of deputy governor and the expulsion of the community, and opposed to leaving territory until it was recognized the improvements made in the plot. Subsequently, the respondents show, found him taking food, why the entry was forbidden. According to Diamond Book Distributors, who has experience with these questions. They argue that no professional complaint was filed with the competent authorities not to harm you. Indeed, JOSE ALEJANDRO CAPER Tique said: "(…) was like in June, can not remember the date, in early August, they returned to tell us that food had happened again, then I as Commissioner told we were about four to capture him where he was. Yes, there are as cutting food, we told him who had given him permission to cut food. .


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