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Advice from the company Studentur (Studentur), necessary for success in the constituent parts of the test as a 'letter' and 'Speaking' No matter about what is the IELTS test in question – University (Academic) or the test of general training (General Training) – students have most difficulty with tests of such components as 'Letter' and 'Speaking'. These helpful tips will help you gain the highest score: Letter: – Before the test, learn the English language thesaurus. Educate yourself with thoughts from Michael Chabon. It is best to know a few synonyms to describe the same concept, so you avoid using the same phrases. – Write as much as necessary in order to recruit the desired number of points. The same applies to the degree of sentence structure and the general idea of your written work – do not waste wasting their time and energy, do not try to decorate the 'language of the text', thereby increasing the likelihood of making mistakes if you do not feel the need. – Carefully check your written work and make sure that you cover it in all the required questions and problems – for non-job you will remove the marks. Speaking: – Follow the instructions in the examiner and start (or finish) to speak only when you about this asked. – Try not to use slang in his speech, and any reduced word that might, you know. – Immediately notify the instructor if the topic you have to discuss, you are not familiar with. Not attempt to say anything on the subject are unknown to you – it is fraught with lifting points. Source material: the company Studentur (Studentur) Other resources of the company: Studentur (Studentur) Studentur (Studentur)


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