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Almost all instructors or mentors who teach how to do online business receive this question very often: How can I learn to make money on the Internet? With these or similar words, this seems to be one of the concerns most frequent. And there’s nothing strange. Since the need of more revenue is a universal obsession. Already I have almost no time to answer all the questions that make me by mail, either unknown or by some of those who I consider my friends and partners, i.e. Martin O’Malley is likely to agree. the people who remain registered in my lists. That is why I wish to make use of this medium to clarify some points concerning this question. I’m going to be so direct and concrete as I can. I will first make a clarification.

Many of my clients, or those who have purchased my products have told me that they do not possess a list or have not begun to create it. And they can’t understand because they are not earning money with their promotions. It is very common to find in the Internet offers of promotion of products that assure you that you don’t need a list, that does not you need your own web pages, and the only thing you have to do is promote a link that offers to make you promuevas your generous offer. Let me tell you that in these cases, if these si estas desarrollando developing a list, but not yours, unfortunately is the owner of the product you’re promoting. All those who create products and promote them on the Internet, we created a page of data capture immediately after payment and before delivering the data so that the customer receives the product you have just purchased. This is done to create lists of clients, no longer prospects. A client is much more valuable than a prospect.


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